Stigmatising BPD

We have to admit it, there is a huge stigma surrounding BPD. There once was a massive stigma around lots of mental health conditions that have since lessened and hopefully, one day, this will be the case for BPD. I’m writing this post because something needs to be done. I’m not saying that this post … More Stigmatising BPD


I just want to make one thing clear…THIS IS NOT AN AD! A few years ago, way before my diagnosis, I was told to try taking 5-HTP, a naturally sourced seed which is normally presented in tablet form. Once in our bodies, it is converted into Serotonin, which is thought to be a contributor to … More 5-HTP & BPD

We are NOT monsters

The first time I ever heard the term ‘Personality Disorder’ was when I was studying psychology at college. We were looking at criminals and discussing the link – personality disorders. They didn’t explain to us, or at least not well, that not all people with PDs end us as criminals or monsters. Things you read … More We are NOT monsters

Positive thinking

Most people are able to control their thoughts; they are able to understand and cope with the odd worry or doubt that they have about themselves. But, for others, this can be a big struggle and may find that thoughts and worries are difficult to understand or get out of their head and this can … More Positive thinking