I just want to make one thing clear…THIS IS NOT AN AD!

A few years ago, way before my diagnosis, I was told to try taking 5-HTP, a naturally sourced seed which is normally presented in tablet form. Once in our bodies, it is converted into Serotonin, which is thought to be a contributor to positive feelings, happiness and well-being. I originally started taking 5-HTP in tablet form but then I found out about the 5-HTP Patch. I noticed a change, a positive one at that. I was less tired, I felt an edge was taken off my mood and anxiety. Once I started medication, I stopped taking 5-HTP altogether to see if the medication helped more or less, but it was only recently, after receiving my BPD diagnosis that I started wearing the patches again. I am not on any medication, currently, for my BPD and my GP seems pretty adamant that it should stay that way, so in the meantime, I thought I’d try the patch again. Obviously, it’s not a magic trick, it won’t cure BPD and make your head completely clear, but I find it helps.

Photo 24-08-2017, 16 52 14.jpg

The 5-HTP patch differs from the tablet because it releases 5-HTP continuously throughout the day, rather than a sudden kick and the wearing off after a period of time. With the patch, the idea is that you put one on, (I put mine on in the morning) and then you change it the same time the next day. I always recommend moving it around so maybe one day it’s on your left arm, the next, on the right, and so forth. By using a patch, it also releases 5-HTP directly into the bloodstream, rather than the intestine. This means the patches deliver better effects with a fraction of the dose!

5-HTP is known to help with mood, tiredness, anxiety, depression, obesity and more which is why it’s recommended for depression, anxiety and BPD! For more information, I really recommend you read up about it or check out the 5-HTP patch site. I am not saying they are guaranteed to work for everyone, but the point of this blog is to share things with you in hope that it will be of use. Also, so many of you have mentioned 5-HTP so I thought a post should be written. Just to reiterate, firstly, this is not a substitute for medication, if you’re on it, carry on taking it if you wish. Secondly, I am not on any medication and if you are, I suggest checking with your Doctor first, but as it’s herbal & natural, my GP allowed me to take it whilst on medication if I wished…but still, check.

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