Starting Therapy

The last time I spoke to you, I had found a therapist who was actually open to the idea of working with someone who has BPD. I’ve now had my first session and it was refreshing! The ideas that she suggests sound great and she really makes me view my thoughts in a different light, … More Starting Therapy

Calm down in 30 sec?

Now, this technique is new to me. I was only told about it last week and I used it last night. First impressions…WOW! I had a horrid time last night. I felt crappy all day and then in the evening I just snapped…the pot was overfilled. My heart started racing, I became irritable and before … More Calm down in 30 sec?

August Update

Firstly, apologies for being a little late, things have been a bit crazy, but here it goes. My first monthly update! August I have to say, I’ve come so far in this month! I’ve started attending a local support group, I’ve attended an anxiety management course and I’ve, finally, been given some form of medication … More August Update