August Update

Firstly, apologies for being a little late, things have been a bit crazy, but here it goes. My first monthly update!

I have to say, I’ve come so far in this month! I’ve started attending a local support group, I’ve attended an anxiety management course and I’ve, finally, been given some form of medication to take when my anxiety kicks in, in hope to lessen my crisis’.

Let’s start with my local support group. I found out about this by chance. The lady running the anxiety management course made a passing comment about it so I asked for more information. It’s weekly, we meet late morning and then after we all go for lunch. I’ve only been for lunch twice, I need to build up my confidence and go more often. The group really helps. We check in, listing a negative and a positive from the week and then in the second hour, we all discuss a topic or look at tools. I have found it very reassuring to meet with other people with BPD and already, just listening to them check in, I have learnt so much. I highly recommend that you look to see if there is a local support group near you! Speaking of the anxiety management course, just quickly, it was a free, 4-week long course set up by our local mental health charity. I found a lot of it useful, however, it was aimed at general anxiety, which, if you suffer from BPD, you’ll know that anxiety for us is different to general anxiety. It was every Monday over 4 weeks and it was more helpful than not, but I have my catch-up review meeting this week, so I’ll keep you updated on what support they can offer next.

Meds. After a really bad afternoon, horrid meltdowns, I called my Doctor and he could finally understand the extent of my ‘meltdowns’ and prescribed me Propranolol, a beta-blocker. This is to be taken twice a day, or as needed for anxiety, which is what I’m doing. I don’t want to be taking meds every day so this works well for me, however, I’ll see how well the meds actually work and if they make a difference and if not, I’ll go back to my doctor. But, for me, this was a breakthrough because now I feel like he will take me seriously.

Update on DBT…I will get an appointment in the next few months for a DBT assessment to see if they think it will benefit me…which I hope they say it will…and then after that, I’ll have another 9-12 month wait. Honestly, this is ridiculous and I feel like I’m just going to continue spiralling until my DBT starts, but I’ll have to hold on and continue trying as hard as I can.