Starting Therapy

The last time I spoke to you, I had found a therapist who was actually open to the idea of working with someone who has BPD. I’ve now had my first session and it was refreshing! The ideas that she suggests sound great and she really makes me view my thoughts in a different light, a better, clearer, light. Yes, it is only early days but I mentioned that as time goes on, I seem to only recall negative events in my life or big events, not the smaller, happier memories like seeing Father Christmas or playing in the garden. She’s suggested that we make a timeline; she will ask questions to prompt my memory and then I can have it to look back on.

Again, early days, but it’s so nice to know that I will be meeting regularly with someone, I can talk about my week, unpick it and look deeper. Unlike traditional therapy, I have my sessions over Skype. This is purely due to work, not being free during the day but also she lives out of the way. Why not see someone closer? I would if I could but either everyone was busy or wouldn’t take a BPD patient. But I’m glad it has worked out the way it has. I’m going to write, at least a little something, after therapy sessions (maybe the next day, depending on how I feel after) but it is safe to say that I am excited to see how it helps.

Being in the UK, we are supposed to have access to therapy on the NHS but the waiting list is about a year in the area I live. As a result, I have decided to go private for sessions in the meantime. This is purely talking therapy with a few tools and tricks along the way, but DBT is what will also really help but there are no specialists nearby that do DBT. I will have the year wait for that but may even carry on this therapy too.

Anywho, this is just a little update post but I will be posting more often. I forgot to say, my therapy is weekly, for 50 minutes. So look out for therapy updates either late Thursday evenings or on Fridays.