Borderline Personality Disorder…BPD. This disorder is normally met with fear, confusion & rejection. BPD is considered the ‘Black Sheep’ of mental health. Why? It’s a disorder that most professionals don’t want to or cannot treat. It’s seen as a HUGE tangled web that most wouldn’t dare touch. Out of the first 5 private therapists, I contacted 4 said they didn’t feel they would be of any help & the 5th accepted but asked if there were any books I recommend she reads before our first session. Sorry, but you won’t be able to help me.

Like me, most BPD sufferers go undiagnosed for years, passed from pillar to post and misdiagnosed. Perhaps GPs think it but would rather diagnose it as something else? Something more ‘treatable’? This is honestly ridiculous. Most sufferers will know there is something more going on, a reason for their unstable emotions, difficult feelings, self-destructive behaviours but without being listened to or with the correct support, most will give up, turn to self-destruction or worse.

After finally receiving a diagnosis, I honestly felt worse off. At least with depression, I knew there was more support, medication, a better acceptance. But I don’t have depression. I have BPD and the quicker I come to terms with that, the better. This is a scary journey, I have a long wait to start receiving any therapy and whilst I wait I have to learn about BPD & try to help myself the best I can. This is why I am starting this blog. I have been told that writing helps. It helps you to make sense of everything and sharing your experiences can help others or allow others to help you. So, let’s see how this goes.

Anyway, let me introduce myself! I’m Lucie, 24 and I have struggled with my mental health for nearly 10 years. I will write about my experiences, my journey and anything else that I feel would be worth sharing!

Please, feel free to follow the blog, share any posts and comment or drop an email – I will reply as soon as possible!


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