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6493178Borderline Personality Disorder FOR DUMMIES
Buy here: (UK) (US)
This is the first ever book I had read/owned about BPD. Who doesn’t love a good old ‘FOR DUMMIES’ book? I mean, the series helped me pass my A-Levels, pass my driving theory tests, write my dissertation at University…so why wouldn’t it help me now? My mum bought me this, at my recommendation, and I’m so glad she did! The book is written for sufferers and their family/friends so there are parts that you don’t need to read and can skip but in all, it’s a very useful book. I’m glad I chose this as my starting point because it was very well laid out, easy to read and there was no scientific jargon…and if there was, it was explained very well…it is for Dummies after all! What I like the most, about this book, is that it explains the basics of the disorder, the criteria, the science but it provides examples along the way. For example, when explaining the 9 criteria for being diagnosed with BPD, it gave a scenario example for each, which makes it easier to put it into perspective and relate it to yourself and your experiences. Another thing that I really like about this book is the tools it provides you with. Throughout the book, there are many techniques and strategies that you can use to help you in different situations and, already, I’ve used some of these tools and they have worked brilliantly….most of the time; but that’s just it, it all takes time.

Would I recommend this book? Definitely, especially to those who have only recently been diagnosed, have no understanding of BPD or have a loved-one who has the diagnosis.


The Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Living with BPD
Buy here: (UK) (US)
This book is very ‘to the point’ and when reading it, it felt like I was reading a book for my degree again, very professional. That being said, the book offered some very good ideas and techniques as well as setting out clear explanations and trying to answer questions the reader is likely to have. If, like me, you prefer something that is easy to read, then I’d suggest the ‘FOR DUMMIES’ book above, but this is a very good book if you want to sit down and study the disorder or if you’re a little more experienced and wish to know more. 

Would I recommend this book? It’s quite wordy and you need to set time aside to read it, you cannot just pick it up on a train journey, it needs your full attention. I got it whilst it was on offer for the Kindle, but at the end of the day, it taught me some new things, so based on that, I’d have to say it’s worth a read. But whether or not you buy it or just borrow it from a library, that’s up to you.


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