We are NOT monsters

The first time I ever heard the term ‘Personality Disorder’ was when I was studying psychology at college. We were looking at criminals and discussing the link – personality disorders. They didn’t explain to us, or at least not well, that not all people with PDs end us as criminals or monsters. Things you read … More We are NOT monsters

Positive thinking

Most people are able to control their thoughts; they are able to understand and cope with the odd worry or doubt that they have about themselves. But, for others, this can be a big struggle and may find that thoughts and worries are difficult to understand or get out of their head and this can … More Positive thinking

You come first!

As someone with BPD, I tend to put others first, I have to make sure they’re happy. Whilst doing this, we forget to take care of ourselves and I know that’s part of BPD, but we need to be kind to ourselves. I have put together a little post about how to look after yourself … More You come first!